2021 Chemistry of Materials Lectureship


          Congratulations to graduate student Shruti Hariyani and her advisor Jakoah Brgoch (both at the University of Houston) for being this year’s recipients of the Chemistry of Materials Lectureship for their paper ‘Local Structure Distortion Induced Broad Band Emission in the All-Inorganic BaScO2F:Eu2+’. This award is sponsored by our Division of…

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Priestley Medal Winners

We’re taking a moment to recognize recent winners of the Priestley Medal (list only includes inorganic Award winners) 2020 – JoAnne Stubbe 2019 – K. Barry Sharpless 2017 – Tobin J. Marks 2015 – Jacqueline K. Barton 2014 – Stephen J. Lippard 2009 – M. Frederick Hawthorne 2002 – Allen J. Bard 2001 – Fred…

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