Guidelines for Symposium Planning Committee

1. The Chair-Elect of the Division is responsible for planning symposia to be held at National Meetings during the year following his/her term as Chair of the Division.

2. The Chair-Elect normally assumes or can appoint the Chair of the Symposium Planning Committee as soon as possible after assuming office. It is recommended that the Chair-Elect consult with the Subdivision Chairs concerning the composition of the Symposium Planning Committee.

3. The Symposium Planning Committee is responsible for presenting to the Executive Committee at the Fall Meeting in year “n” a list of proposed symposia and organizers for year “n + 2.” Before presenting the list to the Executive Committee, the Symposium Planning Committee should establish clearly that the proposed organizers are in fact willing to undertake this responsibility.

4. Early in each year the Secretary of the Division will provide the Chair-Elect and the Chair of the Symposium Planning Committee with a list of past symposia and advise them of tentative arrangements for future symposia.

5. The Chair of the Symposium Planning Committee should make contact with each Subdivision Chair to ensure adequate attention to the specific wishes of the Subdivisions for symposia in their area of interest.

6. Normally there are three special symposia at each National Meeting, although additional symposia, particularly cosponsored symposia, have been held.

7. The Executive Committee has authorized expenditures of $1000 per National Meeting for the support of symposia. However, new funding arrangements by ACS and the possibility of royalties on proceedings publications may make additional funding available.

Approved by the Executive Committee
August 24, 1975
Amended by the Executive Committee
August 23, 1992

Guidelines for Symposia Not Held at ACS National Meetings

(1) The Committee on Symposia Planning should be called upon to recommend these symposia to the Executive Committee.

(2) The Committee on Symposia Planning should take an active role in identifying areas which need to be served, locating potential Chairs, approving dates and facilities offered, etc.

(3) For any congresses in which the ACS is involved, the Committee should be encouraged to provide at least two symposia.

(4) An open competition should be announced for the organizing of such symposia with proposals screened and one or more recommendations forwarded by the Symposium Planning Committee.

Proposed Guidelines for Award Related Unofficial “Symposia”

(1) No official symposium will be planned in honor of the recipient of any ACS award for which the winner has chosen to present the award address under the auspices of the Inorganic Division.

(2) Reasons for this are as follows:

(A) Inorganic Divisional Symposia are carefully planned well in advance so as to encompass the most important or topical fields of interest. Care is taken to space symposia in somewhat similar fields several years apart. If choice of some symposia were left to the vagaries of the area of specialization of an awardee, it is conceivable it might be necessary on occasions to sponsor symposia in closely related fields within a relatively short time period. The Inorganic Division has a financial commitment to supporting symposia, and it should not have to support symposia which it has, in effect, no decision in selecting.

(B) It could be most embarrassing if for some reason, possibly oversight or absence of a person willing to organize a symposium, that certain awardees had no symposium in their honor, whereas other awardees had.

(3) It is suggested that when an awardee is announced, the Program Chair of the Division will attempt to group papers in the area of specialization of the awardee, both from former students or others, in the session or sessions following the award address. The name of the awardee is not to be used in the title for the session.

Approved by the Executive Committee
April 4, 1976
Amended by the Executive Committee
August 23, 1992