Duties of the Treasurer

Treasurer, ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Duties of the Treasurer (DIC Bylaws $III.2.c)
1. Read the appropriate section in the Information Digest for Division Officers .
2. Coordinate symposium financing

Notify symposium organizers of the procedures for financing symposium
Collect and track donations solicited by symposium organizers
Mail acknowledgments of receipt of funds , a thank you note, and a statement of value received for the donation. The latter value is $0.00 and is required for tax purposes.
Sign and forward proposal for the DIC to the PRF, NSF, or NIH.
Obtain names, addresses, and reimbursement amounts from the symposium organizers.
Prepare checks
Notify ACS of the total amount of the checks to be distributed at the meeting.
Deliver all checks to the ACS Finance Office at the meeting location.
Prepare final financial reports grant agencies.
Distribute any checks not collected at the ACS meeting.
3. Prepared financial report for the DIC. This can be submitted anytime between January 1 and March 15. The divisional allocation is not released until the ACS receives this report.

4. Coordinate the financial audit and the preparation of the income tax forms (using an accountant).

5. Pay the bills for operating the division.

6. Oversee the investment of the divisional funds.

7. Coordinate a smooth transition to the Treasurer-elect.

Comments on Specific Procedures

Symposium Financing
Deposit the funds as soon as possible to maximize checking or savings account interest. Prepare an acknowledgment letter for the donor — samples are in the symposia files. Keep an accounting of funds collected for each symposium (donor, check number, d ate acknowledgment was sent, etc.) in the respective f ile. Prior to the meeting (5-6 weeks), the Treasurer should correspond with the symposia organizers asking for a list of speakers, their addresses, and the dollar amount. From this information you will be able to prepare the speaker checks for the Treasu rer s signature. Keep a running balance of funds on each symposia. Generally, checks are not written on the promise of forthcoming funds unless it is PRF money and you know that the grant proposal was successful.

Disbursement of the checks is handled by delivering all checks to the ACS Finance Office for distribution at the meeting. Altrenative arrangements are not encouraged.

After the meeting, the Finance Office will return any checks that were not claimed at the meeting. You will need to send out those checks directly to the speakers in a timely manner.

Prior to the National M eetings

The treasurer will receive a memo from the Department of Meetings, Expositions & Divisional Activities indicating where speakers may cash their checks. In rece nt years, the speaker checks have been delivered to the Finance Office at the meeting and the speakers have picked up their checks in this central location. A list of speakers and dollar amounts should be sent via fax to the Department of Meetings, Exposi tions & Divisional Activities approximately three weeks before the meeting. A copy of the memo is in the ACS Treasurer s Office – Washington DC file. Their phone number is (202) 872 – 4396.

Reimbursement of Councilor Travel Expenses

Prior to the national meetings (spring and fall), the councilor(s) should submit a request for support of travel. After the meeting, the councilor must submit an American Chemical Society Reimbursement of Councilor Travel Expenses form to the treasurer with the appropriate documentation/receipts attached as well as having signed Part A of the form.

The treasurer will ok the form by completing Part D. A councilor may request up to $665 in support from the Division. The ACS will reimburse the Division 75% (a maximum of $500 per meeting per councilor) of this cost. After the form has been completed:

return one copy of the form (yellow) with the reimbursement check to the councilor
keep one copy of the form (pink) along with copies of the receipts for your files
forward the original form (white) + original receipts to the ACS Office of the Secretary (the address is given on the form).

The above procedure must be done within five weeks of the end of the meeting.

Complete instructions are located in the Councilor Expense file. If further explanation is required, call the Office of the Secretary (202) 872 – 4461.

New Member Applications

Occasionally new membership applications will be forwarded to the treasurer. When you receive these:

Deposit the dues in the division s checking account
Send a copy of the application to the division s Membership chair.
Keep a copy for the treasurer s file.
Send a welcome to the Division letter to the new member. Samples are available in the New Member Applications file.
Send the original membership application to the Divisional Activities Office at the ACS. Their phone number is (202) 872 – 6062 if you have any questions.

Federal Express Account

Establish a Federal Express account as soon as possible.

Setting up a Bank Account

In order to set up the bank account, they will most likely ask for our certificate of incorporation in order to give you nonprofit status. A copy of this certificate, granted by the District of Columbia, is in the file marked Article of Incorporation.


PRF The Division handles quite a few PRF-SE (scientific education) grant requests. Generally, the treasurer only signs for the Division and forwards it on to Washington. There is quite a bit of PRF information available on the web page. A copy of thi s is available in the PRF Information file.

Abstracts You can order abstract forms online or by e-mail.

Inorganic Division There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Web.