Symposia Requests

Symposia at ACS meetings: The Division of Inorganic Chemistry (DIC) solicits suggestions for symposia to be organized as part of the inorganic programming (INOR) at one of the future national ACS meetings (see list of at the bottom of this page). If you would like to suggest the organization of such a symposium for an upcoming ACS meeting, please submit your proposal no later than February 15th for consideration at our Spring Executive meeting (held during National Spring ACS meeting) and by July 31st for consideration at our Fall Executive Executive meeting (held during the National Fall ACS meeting).

If you are organizing such an event and would like to be considered for funding, please submit an application to the current DIC Chair by email using the form linked below.. Your proposal MUST be submitted using the downloadable ACS Symposium Funding Request Form:

Symposia approved by the DIC executive committee will be financially supported according to the following scheme: Up to $1500 will be allocated to each half-day session.  Funding, which will only be provided for the first four half-day sessions of each symposium, should be used to help defray the cost incurred by the speakers (registration and travel expenses).

The DIC welcomes the organization of symposia in honor of ACS awardees but does not provide financial support for such symposia.

Cross-listing of symposia at ACS meetings: If you represent one of the ACS divisions and would like to request that one of your symposia be cross-listed with INOR, please contact the DIC Chair prior to August 1, annually for symposia to be held at the Spring ACS meeting or prior to March 1, annually for symposia to be held at the Fall ACS meeting. Any request submitted after these deadlines will not be considered.

Please, make sure to include:

  1. The topic of the symposium
  2. The organizer(s) along with pertinent with contact details
  3. The meeting at which you would like the symposium to be held
  4. Names of invited speakers
  5. A statement explaining how the symposium will impact inorganic chemistry

See currently scheduled symposia.