Spring 2019 National ACS Meeting, Orlando

Spring 2019 National ACS Meeting, Orlando


03/31/19 - 04/04/19    
12:00 am


Orlando Convention Center
9800 International Dr, Orlando, FL, 32819

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  • ACS National Awards in Inorganic Chemistry: Plenary Session (S. A. Koch, N. S. Radu, Organizers)
  • ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Alan S. Goldman  (M. Brookhart, J. F. Hartwig,Organizers)
  • Harry Gray Award for Creative Work in Inorganic Chemistry by a Young Investigator: Symposium in Honor of Jillian L. Dempsey (E. M. Matson,A. J. Miller, Organizers)
  • Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Jeffrey R. Long (M. Dinca, OrganizerJ. K. McCusker, Organizers)
  • Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry Bioinorganic and Materials Chemistry (C. Nataro, E. C. Sylvester,Organizers)
  • Structure-Property Correlations in Functional Inorganic Materials Intermetallics(J. A. Aitken, E. E. Rodriguez,Organizers)
  • Through the Lens of Inorganic Chemistry: Understanding Heterogeneous Processes in Energy Conversion & Storage (S. Marinescu, J. Y. Yang, V. Thoi, Organizers)
  • Chemistry of Materials – Materials for Energy & Catalytic Applications (C. G. Lugmair,Organizer)
  • Lanthanide & Actinide Chemistry (A. De Bettencourt Dias,Organizer)
  • Main Group Chemistry (T. Hudnall,Organizer)
  • ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Debbie C. Crans (B. Baruah, N. E. Levinger, M. Lim,Organizers)
  • ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of George Christou (A. S. Veige, Organizer)
  • Functional Metal Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications (X. Xia,Organizer)
  • National Fresenius Award: Symposium in Honor of Brandi Cossairt (B. M. Cossairt, D. M. Heinekey, Organizers)
  • Alfred Bader Award in Bioinorganic or Bioorganic Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Joan B. Broderick (J. Betz, S. R. Smith, Organizers)
  • Coordination Chemistry: Characterization & Applications (A. Larsen,Organizer)
  • Francis P. Garvan_John M.Olin Medal-Olin Medal: Symposium in Honor of Lisa McElwee-White (L. J. Murray, Organizer)
  • Inorganic Spectroscopy (C. V. Popescu,Organizer)
  • Nanoscience(B. G. Trewyn,Organizer)