Fall 2019 National ACS Meeting, San Diego

Fall 2019 National ACS Meeting, San Diego


08/25/19 - 08/29/19    
12:00 am


San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA, 92101

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  • Chemistry of Materials: Materials for Energy & Catalytic Applications (G. Lugmair, Organizer)
  • Emerging Research in Molecular Synthesis (Brewer, J. M. Hoover, V. A. Schmidt, J. Y. Yang, Organizers)
  • Inorganic Young Investigator Awards (A. De Bettencourt Dias, Organizer)
  • Undergraduate Research at the Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry (Nataro, N. S. Williams, Organizers)
  • Learning from Nature: Earth-Abundant Metals for Oxidation Catalysis (S. David, T. A. Jackson, A. Mukherjee, Organizers)
  • Chemistry of Materials: Metal Organic Frameworks (G. Lugmair, Organizer)
  • ACS Award in Pure Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Danna Freedman (H. Karunadasa, J. Zadrozny, Organizers)
  • Inorganic Chemistry Lectureship (B. Tolman, Organizer)
  • Inorganic Chemistry for Sustainable Energy & Environment (A. Berben, Organizer)
  • Coordination Chemistry: Synthesis & Characterization (A. Larsen, Organizer)
  • Lanthanide & Actinide Chemistry (A. De Bettencourt Dias, Organizer)
  • Inorganic Nanoscience Award Symposium (J. Millstone, Organizer)
  • Surface Chemistry & Structure in Ligand Protected Nanoparticles (Johnson, Organizer)
  • Nanoscience (Trewyn, Organizer)