The ExxonMobil Award Faculty Fellowship in Solid State Chemistry


The Solid State Chemistry Faculty Fellowship recognizes young scientists who have made substantial contributions to the discipline of solid-state chemistry and have the potential to emerge as leaders in the field. The Fellowship also recognizes solid-state chemistry as a critical science and engineering discipline that is vital component of the research enterprise in the United States. The recipient of the fellowship must hold a tenure-track faculty position at a U.S. institution, must not yet have received tenure and, preferably, is not currently in the final stage of tenure review. Selection will be based on past and current independent contributions and on the potential for future contributions to our knowledge of synthesis, properties, reactivity, structure, and bonding in solids. For more information, please contact the chair of the materials sub-division or visit the awards page.

Previous Fellows

Year Recipient Department University
1979Horia MetiuChemistryUCSB
1980Arthur B. EllisChemistryUniv. of Wisconsin - Madison
1981Steven L. BernasekChemistryPrinceton Univ.
1982Richard I. MaselChem. Eng.Univ. of Illinois
1983Steven L. SuibChemistryUniv. of Connecticut
1984Andrew B. BocarslyChemistryPrinceton Univ.
1985Jay B. BenzigerChem. Eng.Princeton Univ.
1986Thomas. E. MalloukChemistryUniv. of Texas - Austin
1987Angelica M. StacyChemistryUC Berkeley
1988Douglas A. KeszlerChemistryOregon State Univ.
1989Richard B. KanerChemistryUCLA
1990Mercouri G. KanatzidisChemistryMichigan State Univ.
1991A. Paul AlivisatosChemistryUC Berkeley
1992William S. HammackChem. Eng.Carnegie Mellon Univ.
1993Emily A. CarterChemistryUCLA
1994Hanno zur LoyeChemistryMIT
1995Gordon J. MillerChemistryIowa State Univ.
1996Peter K. DorhoutChemistryColorado State Univ.
1997Jackie Y. YingChem. Eng.MIT
1998Omar YaghiChemistryArizona St. Univ.
1999Slavi C. SevovChemistryNotre Dame Univ.
2000Z. John ZhangChemistryGeorgia Tech
2002Peidong YangChemistryUC Berkeley
2003P. Shiv HalasyamaniChemistryUniv. of Houston
2004Julia ChanChemistryLouisiana State Univ.
2005Ram SeshadriMaterialsUC Santa Barbara
2006Terri OdomChemistryNorthwestern Univ.
2007Kyoung-Shin ChoiChemistryPurdue Univ.
2008Song JinChemistryUniv. of Wisconsin - Madison
2009Svilen BobevChemistryUniv. of Delaware
2010Sarbajit BanerjeeChemistrySUNY Buffalo
2011Amy PrietoChemistryColorado State University
2012Michael ShatrukChemistryFlorida State University
2013Tyrel McQueenChemistryJohns Hopkins University
2014Daniel FredricksonChemistryUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
2015Mircea DincaChemistryMIT