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The Inorganic Nanoscience Award

This award is meant to recognize sustained excellence, dedication, and perseverance in research in the area of inorganic nanoscience. The award consists of $500 made out to the winner, as well as a plaque to be presented to the recipient at the Fall ACS meeting. Recipients are expected to be at the mid-career stage. Preference will be given to nominees who have not won an ACS award during the past five years. For more information, please contact the chair of the nanoscience sub-division or visit the awards page.

Previous recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2008 Chad A. Mirkin Northwestern University
2009 Charles M. Lieber Harvard University
2010 Frank Osterloh University of California at Davis
2011 Catherine Murphy University of Illinois
2012 Daniel R. Gamelin University of Washington
2013 Peidong Yang University of California at Berkeley
2014 Song Jin University of Wisconsin
2015 Stanislaus S. Wong Stony Brook University/Brookhaven National Laboratory
2016 Raymond Schaak Penn. State
2017 Shana O. Kelley University of Toronto
2017 Amy Prieto Colorado State University