Early Career Industrial Investigator Award

The ACS DIC solicits nominations for the Early Career Industrial Investigator Award. The selected nominee will be honored during the Fall ACS meeting as part of the ACS DIC Young Investigator Symposium, where awardee will present a 30-min presentation highlighting their research.  Nominations for the 2023 Early Career Industrial Investigator Award are due on February 28th , 2023.

The nomination package should include:

  1. A cover page containing on separate lines the candidate’s:
    1. first and last name
    2. physical and email addresses valid until August of the award year
    3. ACS membership number
    4. DIC membership status
    5. affiliation
    6. list of previous awards received
  2. A nomination letter limited to two pages (single-spaced, 12-pt Times or 11-pt Arial font). This letter should contain:
    1.  a description of the research accomplishments of the nominee and impact to industrial applications of inorganic chemistry.
    2. a description of the research topic to be presented at the symposium and why this would be of broad interest.
  3. The candidate’s resume including a list of publications and presentations (patent applications, technical journals, marketing materials, or technical presentations)
  1. The nomination package should be sent via email as one pdf file to younginvestigator@acsdic.org

Eligibility: The nominee must be a member of the INOR division of ACS. Consideration will be given to nominees who have worked in an industrial facility for a no more than 10 years. Selection is based on the creativity of the inorganic research that they have conducted and their contributions to industrial technology innovation. The nominee’s work must have been published externally, which includes any of the following: patent applications, technical journals, marketing materials, or technical presentations. The award shall be granted to an individual without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.