DIC Student Award Opportunities

The ACS DIC administers (or co-administers) a number of awards for students involved in academic, industrial, government labs, and other settings. 


ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Award for Undergraduate Research

Call For Nominations Deadline September 15, annually 

Purpose: To recognize the collaborative research of an outstanding undergraduate student/preceptor team in the field of inorganic chemistry, as broadly defined.

Up to one award will be given in each of three categories based on the institution of the preceptor:
• Primarily Undergraduate Institution
• Research-Intensive University (or other non-PUI college or university)
• Corporate, National, or Federal Laboratory

Nature: The undergraduate student will receive $1,000 and a plaque; the preceptor will receive a plaque for permanent display at the preceptor’s institution. Up to a maximum of $1,000 will be reimbursed by the division for student and preceptor travel expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented. The presentation will be given during an INOR-sponsored symposium in which the undergraduate awardee will present a talk on the recognized research.

Eligibility Conditions:

  1. The preceptor can not serve as nominator, as the nominator needs to comment on the preceptor’s mentoring impact on the student
  2. The preceptor must be a current ACS and DIC membership status.  However, neither the nominator or the student is required to be member of ACS or DIC.
  3. The nominator does not need to be from the same institution as the student-preceptor team.
  4. The student must be within one year of graduation to be eligible.

Nominating Procedure: A nomination consists of:
1. A duly completed nomination form (pdf) or nomination form (doc) to include 25-word maximum citation for the award and the contact specifics for nominator, preceptor, and student.
2. Curriculum vitae for student (1-page maximum) and preceptor (2-page maximum).
3. One-page nomination letter that (i) discusses the impact/merit of research performed by the undergraduate nominee, explicitly detailing the student’s contribution; and (ii) describes the impact that mentoring by the preceptor had on the student and their research project.
4. For the preceptor, a proof of current ACS and DIC membership status (copy of membership certificate, receipt and/or pdf snapshot of “My Account” from the acs.org showing active divisional membership in the DIC).

Submission: All documents, in English, should be assembled into single pdf file and emailed to ugresearch@acsdic.org. Please, use the nominees’ last names in the file name (i.e. preceptor_student.pdf). Please note that ugresearch@acsdic.org email address is not consistently monitored. Accordingly, questions concerning the application process should be directed to the current Award Co-Chairs of the DIC (clicking on names should bring up email information).

Establishment & Support: The award was established in 2010 by the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry.


DIC Student Travel Award Program

The deadline for receipt of applications is February 1 for the Spring ACS National Meeting, and June 15 for the Fall ACS National Meeting. 

The DIC is accepting applications for student travel awards for graduate and undergraduate students presenting research talks or posters at ACS National Meetings. The amount of the award is $450.00. The deadline for receipt of applications is February 1 for the Spring ACS National Meeting, and June 1 for the Fall ACS National Meeting. Winners will be notified by March 1 and July 15, respectively, for the Spring and Fall meetings.

Selection process: Applications submitted by undergraduate researchers, graduate students in the first two years of their PhD and graduate students in the final years of their PhD will be reviewed separately. Within each category, the selection process will be based on scientific merit. Preference will be given to applicants who have not been awarded a Student Travel Award previously.

  1. The student must be a member of the DIC and must present their paper in the DIC program. Students who are not making presentations are ineligible.
  2. Only one nomination will be accepted per research group for each meeting. Exceptions may be granted for collaborative projects.

Application Procedure:
Complete the application survey (survey link here) in its entirety.  Incomplete applications will not receive consideration. Note that you will be requested to provide evidence of the following:

  • A proof of your current ACS and DIC membership status, such as a copy of your receipt or a printout of “My Account” from acs.org showing your active divisional membership in DIC (you must log on to access this).
  • An abstract of the work to be presented in the DIC program.
  • A resume or CV (max 2 pages), including a list of publications and presentations. The resume/CV should be saved as a pdf and titled: [Student last name_Student first name_CV_DICTAF24]
  • A recommendation letter from your research advisor (if your advisor prefers this to remain confidential, please have them, or a third party, submit the application on your behalf). The letter should be saved as a pdf and titled: [Student last name_Student first name_LOR_DICTAF24]

Accordingly, questions concerning the application process should be directed to the Award co-Chairs (Liviu Mirica –mirica@illinois.edu; and Santiago Toledo- stoledo@american.edu).


Young Investigator Symposium

Call For Nominations Deadline February 1, annually 

The ACS DIC solicits nominations for the Young Investigator Symposium to be held on Sunday afternoon of the Fall ACS meeting, annually.

This DIC symposium honors talented young inorganic chemists and provides a high-profile forum for them to present their research results. There will be a total of 8 speakers, and each will give a 30-minute presentation. The DIC will provide a (a) $1000 honorarium for each speaker (which can be used to defray travel costs), (b) reimbursement for meeting registration, and (c) plaque to commemorate their participation in the event.

Only DIC members are eligible. Candidates must be enrolled as graduate students or hold positions as postdoctoral fellows (academia, industry or government lab), and be no more than one year beyond completion of the Ph.D. at the time of the nomination. Visiting scholars and similar titles are not eligible. The speakers will be selected from nominations submitted by February 1st of the award year and the awards will be announced on, or about, March 1st of the award year.

Awardees must not have accepted a permanent, independent position at the time of selection. Candidates will be asked to verify that they have not accepted a permanent position before being named as awardees.

Nominations may be submitted by a research advisor of the candidate. Self-nominations are not allowed. Nominations should include:

  1. A cover page containing on separate lines: a) the candidate’s first and last name, b) the candidate’s physical and email addresses valid until August of the award year, c) the ACS membership number, d) the DIC membership status, e) the affiliation, f) the name of the advisor, g) the number of publications, h) the number of publications on which the candidate is the first author, i) list of any special teaching, leadership, and/or volunteer efforts, especially with respect towards broadening diversity, equity, inclusion, & respect.
  2. A nomination letter limited to two pages (single-spaced, 12-pt Times or 11-pt Arial font). This letter should contain i) a description of the research accomplishments of the nominee; ii) a description of the research topic to be presented at the symposium and why this would be of broad interest; ; iii) a list of the DIC subdivisions (in rank order if more than one) that best represents area of proposed talk; iv) description of any special teaching, leadership, and/or volunteer efforts, especially with respect towards broadening diversity, equity, inclusion, & respect.
  3. A candidate’s resume (3 page maximum) including a list of publications and presentations.

Additional communications with the selection committee are strongly discouraged, and may result in disqualification of the candidate. The selection process involves review by the current DIC Subdivision Chairs, Awards co-Chairs, and the Chair.  The DIC embraces the National ACS Statement on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respectand investigators from diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.  As part of this commitment the committee will look to diversify winners of this award by considering, but not limited to, the following areas: research areas within inorganic chemistry, past awards from research groups or institutions, and geographical location.

Applications are to be submitted by February 1, of the awards year by completing the survey found at the following survey link.

Questions needing immediate attention concerning the application process should be directed by email to the current DIC Award co-Chairs:  Liviu Mirica and Santiago Toledo.

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Call For Nominations Deadline June 30, annually

Sponsor:  ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry

Purpose:  To recognize achievement by undergraduate students in inorganic chemistry and to encourage further study in the field.

Nature:  The undergraduate student will receive an award certificate from the Division and a letter of commendation from the Division Chair. The awardee’s name and nominating institution will be posted on a list that will be available on the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry website.1

Eligibility:  Each ACS Certified Department will be eligible to nominate one student for this award. The student nominee should have future plans that include a career in chemistry. The student nominee will have demonstrated excellence in inorganic chemistry at the undergraduate level based on any combination of research, coursework, and /or motivation / interest / dedication as defined by their nominating institution.

Nominating Procedure: Each spring, Department Chairs of all ACS Certified Departments will be sent a request for nominations. They will be instructed to go to an online nomination form and nominate a student for this award by June 30. Nomination materials will include contact information for the faculty nominator and student nominee.

Establishment & Support: The award was established in 2009 by the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry.  The cost of the award is supported directly by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry.2

1. While this information is sometimes posted to the DIC website, we now post all award winners on VIPEr.

2. For several years, we have been able to run this award for no cost by switching all advertising and recognition entirely online.

A request for nominations will be sent to the Chairs of all ACS Certified Departments in January. Nominations for the Award will be accepted until June 30th of the award year. Questions about the award can be directed to Barbara Reisner.