ACS Young Investigator Symposium Awards

ACS Young Investigator Symposium Awards

This DIC symposium honors talented young inorganic chemists, and provides a high-profile forum for them to present their research results. Young Investigator Symposia feature 8 speakers delivering a ca 25-minute presentation at the annual Fall National ACS Meetings. The DIC will provide a $1000 honorarium for each speaker and a plaque to commemorate her/his participation in the event.  For information, please visit the student awards page or contact one of the current DIC Awards co-chairs.


Some past awardees:

2012 Recipients

Ryan E. Cowley, Stanford University, nominator: Patrick Holland
Michael Nippe, University of California, Berkeley, nominator: John Berry
Jeffrey D. Rinehart, University of Washington, nominator: Jeffrey Long
Caroline T. Saouma, University of Washington, nominator: James Mayer
Thomas S. Teets, MIT, nominator: Daniel Nocera
Casey R. Wade, MIT, nominator: Francois Gabbai
Hailiang Wang, Stanford University, nominator: Hongjie Dai
Shuao Wang, University of California, Berkeley, nominator: Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt

2011 Recipients

Changle Chen, University of Chicago (Advisor: Rich Jordan)
T. David Harris, UC Berkeley (Advisor: Jeff Long)
Eric Salagado, UC San Diego (Advisor: Akif Tezcan)
Alexander Spokoyny, Northwestern (Advisor: Chad Mirkin)
Yogesh Surendranath, MIT (Advisor: Dan Nocera)
Kristine Tanabe, UC San Diego (Advisor: Seth Cohen)
Yaorong Zheng, Utah (Advisor: Peter Stang)
Jia Zhu, Stanford (Advisor: Yi Cui)

2010 Recipients

Guoqing Zhang, “Mechanochromic luminescence of difluoroboron β-diketonate molecular solids”, University of Virginia(Advisor: Cassandra L. Fraser)
Emily L. Que, “Magnetic resonance imaging agents for selective copper detection”, UC Berkeley (Advisor: Christopher J. Chang)
Donald J. Knobloch, “Carbon monoxide-induced cleavage of dinitrogen promoted by group 4 metallocene compounds”,Cornell University (Advisor: Paul J Chirik)
Youngmin Kim, “Synthesis and Anion Binding Properties of Cationic Main Group Lewis Acids”, Texas A&M University(Advisor: François P. Gabbaï)
Alison R. Fout, “Synthetic and mechanistic studies of the ring-opening and denitrogenation of pyridine and picolines by a Ti-C multiple bond”, Indiana University (Advisor: Daniel J. Mindiola)
Jillian L., “Dempsey Pathways of Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by Cobalt(II) Diglyoxime Complexes”, CalTech (Advisor: Harry B. Gray)
Linyou Cao, “Optical resonances in semiconductor nanowires”, Stanford University (Advisor: Mark L. Brongersma)
Santanu Bag, “Chalcogels: Novel porous metal-chalcogenide aerogels”, Northwestern University (Advisor: Mercouri G. Kanatzidis)