ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry & RSC Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Group of Dalton Announce New Virtual Seminar Series

The Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the ACS and the Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Group of Dalton (RSC) are pleased to announcement a joint virtual seminar series highlighting the latest advances in mechanisms. These seminars will be held throughout the year with one representative from each society. The inaugural seminar will be held on 24 May…

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Virtual Issue of Inorganic Chemistry: Periodic Table Talks


The ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry’s monthly seminar series, Periodic TableTalks, has engaged viewers with sessions featuring cutting-edge research across all six of DIC’s subdivisions – Bioinorganic, Coordination, Solid-State, Organometallic, Nanoscience, and Sustainable Energy & Environment. Inorganic Chemistry’s newest Virtual Issue, Periodic TableTalks, features the work of 12 researchers who participated in the latest series.…

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Congratulations to the ACS Inorganic Division 65th Anniversary Symposium Poster Prize Winners

ACS DIC Poster Winners

Inorganic Chemistry-Sponsored Poster prize:                Undergraduate:  Wenlai Han, Carleton College                Graduate/Postdoc: Christina Makris, UCSB Organometallics-Sponsored Poster Prize:                Undergraduate: Lijin Zeng, Patricia Cornejo, Marisol Emerson (jointly presented), Mills College                Graduate/Postdoc: Samuel Griffin, University of British Columbia Chemistry of Materials-Sponsored Poster Prize:                Undergraduate: Nina Strassner, Friedrich Alexander University                Graduate/Postdoc: Ashlee Hauble, UC…

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