Fall 2021, Spring 2022 Periodic TableTalks Schedule

The schedule for the Periodic TableTalks for the fall 2021, spring 2022 is:

9/15/2021               Sustainable Energy and the Environment

‘Harnessing the Power of Molecular Chemistry for Sustainable Electrochemical Storage’

‘Electrodeposition as a tool for developing sustainable battery manufacturing’

10/20/2021             Organometallic Chemistry

‘Mechanism of Nickel-mediated Radical Pathways’

‘The organometallic chemistry of paramagnetic Ni and Pd complexes’

11/17/2021              Solid State Chemistry

‘How to discover new solids containing alkali metals: predictive screening, facile synthesis and in situ studies’

“Getting Your Lattice in Shape –  An Exercise in Crystal Growth of Intermetallics’

1/19/2022               Coordination Chemistry

‘Ligand Flexibility in Surface-Inspired Cluster Chemistry’

‘Teaching f-Elements New Tricks: Synthetic Chemistry at the Bottom of the Periodic Table’

2/16/2022               Bioinorganic Chemistry

In Crystallo O2 Activation at Molecular Iron Sites’

‘Exploring the structure and function of alkane monooxygenase (AlkB): A key metalloenzyme in the carbon cycle’

3/9/2022                 Nanoscience

‘Atomically precise nanoclusters with an edge: Molecular insights into single atom catalysts’

‘Plasmonic metal oxide nanocrystals’