Checking in with Inorganic Folks!

I wanted to both check in with everyone, and provide an update re: the San Francisco ACS meeting. At this point, we are proceeding as if the San Francisco meeting will occur, until we hear otherwise. The Plenary Awards session originally scheduled for Philly will occur on Monday morning in San Francisco. The Awards banquet will occur on Monday evening. If those of you who were originally scheduled to run a symposium in Philly, would like to re-schedule for a future meeting, we suggest that you re-apply using the appropriate form on the DIC Symposia Requests page.

I’m guessing that those who have never dealt with a crisis of this magnitude, are having a hard time dealing with the anxiety, fear, and stress associated with the chaos that has become our new normal . Having dealt with a health crisis of my own a number of years ago, I want to remind you of the fact that we will get through this, we are all in this together, and we will come out of this with a bigger appreciation for all of the wonderful things that life has to offer!  

Take care everyone. Stay healthy!

Julie Kovacs, Chair, ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry