Election Results are in!

The newly elected 2015 DIC officers and their positions are:

Claudia Turro (The Ohio State University)

Executive Committee Member at Large:
Joshua S. Figueroa (University of California, San Diego)

Thomas R. Cundari (University of North Texas)

Alternate Councilor:
Paula L. Diaconescu (University of California, Los Angeles)

Bioinorganic Chemistry Subdivision Chair-Elect:
Serena DeBeer (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion and Cornell University)

Coordination Chemistry Subdivision Chair-Elect:
Daniel Rabinovich (The University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Nanoscience Subdivision Chair-Elect:
Sara E. Skrabalak (Indiana University – Bloomington)

Organometallics Subdivision Chair-Elect:
Christopher C. Cummins (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Solid State and Materials Subdivision Chemistry Chair-Elect:
Amy Lucía Prieto (Colorado State University)