Request for Nominations for the Indianapolis Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecturer

If you wish to nominate someone through the Division of Inorganic Chemistry:

1. Please read and carefully follow the instructions below
2. Please send the completed form (attached) to either of the DIC award co-chairs Stephanie Brock ( or Tim Warren ( by 5PM on Feb. 22 [note-this is earlier than the March 4th date mentioned below so that DIC has time to conduct reviews]
3. Please note that the DIC can only forward two nominations, and thus nominations will be reviewed to select finalists


To: ACS Division Secretaries
cc: ACS Division Chairs and Chairs-Elect
From: John Finley, 2013 Chair MPPG (Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group)

Subject: Request for Nominations for the Indianapolis Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecturer

We are pleased that The Kavli Foundation has agreed to sponsor The Kavli Foundation Emerging Leader in Chemistry Lecture through 2015, with two lectures per year at each ACS national meeting. The Kavli Emerging Leader Lecture is awarded to an outstanding chemical scientist who is less than 10 years past receipt of his/her PhD and is under 40 years old. The candidate is a distinguished younger scientist who is highly regarded by his or her peers for significant contributions to an area of chemistry or related multidisciplinary area of chemistry.

The inaugural lecture of this series will be delivered during the upcoming Spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans by Associate Professor Christy Haynes, University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry immediately prior to The Kavli Foundation Innovations in Chemistry Lecture. Dr. Haynes was nominated by the Analytical Division and was among 13 outstanding candidates submitted by 9 ACS Divisions to MPPG for consideration.

MPPG is very pleased to conduct the second lecture in this series at the Fall ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis with the involvement of the ACS Divisions in nominating the candidates for this award.

Please take this opportunity to reach out to your division members to send their nominations to the Division Secretary for consideration. All nominations must be submitted by the Division Secretary or acting Division Secretary to using the attached Emerging Leader Nomination Form. [please contact award co-chairs above for copy of form if you need one]

Nominations must be submitted by Monday, March 4, 2013 [by Feb. 22 to DIC award co-chairs, see above].

Please note that the Divisions who submitted candidates for the New Orleans meeting, may resubmit them at the Division’s discretion.


John Finley, 2013 MPPG Chair