Funding Requests

Symposium and conference funding requests

The Division of Inorganic Chemistry recognizes the value of supporting the organization of symposia, conferences or meetings that benefit the advancement of inorganic chemistry. If you are organizing such an event and would like to be considered for funding, please submit an application to the division chair Ana de Bettencourt-Dias ( by email using the form linked below. If you are interested in organizing a symposium at a national ACS meeting, please follow the “Symposia” link.

Deadlines: Applications received by February 16th will be reviewed at the Spring DIC Executive Committee meeting scheduled annually in late March. Applications received by July 27th will be reviewed at the Fall Executive DIC Committee meeting scheduled annually in late August.

Your proposal, MUST be submitted using the DIC_MeetingFundingRequest – 2019 (please use Acrobat for best results).

All applications must include the following information.

1) Organizers
2) Contact information
3) Name of symposium or conference
4) Date of the event
5) Location of the event
6) Other sponsors (specify if funds have been approved or not yet)
7) Names of invited speakers
8) Session topics
9) Budget request ($)
10) A statement explaining how the funds will be used
11) A statement explaining how the funding will impact inorganic chemistry and address the stated goals of inclusiveness and diversity