ACS DIC Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

2016 winners:

PUI Institution awardees:  Monica L. Ohnsorg (student) & Mary E. Anderson (preceptor), Hope College

Research Institution awardees:  Travis Marshall-Roth (student) & Seth N. Brown (preceptor), University of Notre Dame

Corporate/Federal/National Laboratory awardees: Eric S. Nelson (student, Alfred U.) & Christopher N. Chervin (preceptor), U.S. Naval Research Labororatory


2016 Honorable Mentions:

PUI institution honorable mention: Elizabeth R. Webster (student) & Lauren B. Benz (preceptor), University of San Diego

R1 institution honorable mention: Daniel J. Martin (student) & Jillian L. Dempsey (preceptor), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill